"Where Hope Prevails" Book Review + Vlog Questions

Hello again!
Here's my first book review in a little while. :) I got to review the new Janette Oke book which I was so excited about!!! It was a wonderful book and the setting and everyone...*happy sigh* After the book review there's another little section you might want to check out. ;)

When Beth Thatcher returns to Coal Valley, she has much to be excited about. She anticipates Jarrick's proposal of marriage and perhaps a spring wedding. The mine is expanding, and there are more schoolchildren than ever. 

But the town's rapid growth brings many challenges. A second teacher is assigned, and Beth finds herself going head-to-head with a very different philosophy of education--one that dismisses religion and rejects God. Fearful for the children who sit under the influence of Robert Harris Hughes, Beth struggles to know how to respond. 

At the same time, Beth wonders if Jarrick is considering a position at her father's company simply for her sake. Should she admit her feelings on the matter? Or keep silent and allow Jarrick to make up his own mind?

When I first started "Where Hope Prevails" I expected it to take me at least a week to read...I should have known better! In 2 days I knocked out this amazing book. "Where Hope Prevails" is the sequel to the 2 other books in the "Return to the Canadian West" series. I enjoyed the first 2 books a lot from what I can remember, but I'm pretty sure this was my favorite of them all! I loved the setting, Coal Valley, a small quaint little mining town with a small church and schoolhouse. Beth, the main character, was sweet and kind, but she also made quite a few mistakes in the book, which I appreciated that the author didn't portray her as the "perfect westerner". :) Her romance with Jarrick and <slight spoiler> engagement <end of spoiler> are super sweet and very clean which I really, really appreciated as some authors I've read books by have romance that can make you uncomfortable. Janette Oke has never been like that that I can remember!  So, anyway, this book was really good and although there wasn't a ton of excitement (like in the book before it), the setting, characters, and everything about it was so fun to read about and I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

*I receive this book from Bethany House publishers for the purpose of this review*


Did you notice the heading?? I'm going a vlog! Welll...sometime. ;) Hopefully this month and I'm going to do the link up with Ivy Rose. But I want to give you guys plenty of time to ask questions so here is a contact form and you may ask whatever questions you want. I'm not going to require your name so if you would like to remain anonymous feel free. =) My only request is that you don't ask me how old I am, where I live, or any really personal questions like that for privacy reasons. =) But other than that, ask away, and I will do my very best to answer every question! Have fun!


  1. Great review, Hannah! I need to get mine up soon!

    YOU'RE DOING A VLOG?! That's so exciting! I can't wait to see it soon. =)

    1. Aw, thank you Emily! I can't wait to see your review soon!!

      YES. *goes into a wild panic attack* ;) I'm very excited to do one yet also pretty nervous. =) You should totally do one sometime!!!

  2. YOU'RE DOING A VLOG?! WHAAAT?! I get to see Hannah's beautiful face?! And hear her voice?! AWESOME! =D *runs off to rack my brain for questions to ask*

    1. Yes, I am! Yikes, I'm so scared. ;) You're too sweet! I would looove to see a vlog of your beautiful face. :)

      Can't wait to see what your questions are! Your comments always make me smile, Ariel. :)

  3. I've wanted to read the Return to the Canadian West series for a while now, I just haven't gotten around to it. I'm wanting to finish the Canadian West series first though. I'm making my way somewhat slowly through those books. ;) But I am enjoying them. I should start another one soon. ;)

    That is so cool that you're doing a question and answer thing, Hannah! :D I'll definitely be sending in some questions! :)

    1. Oh, that's really cool that you're reading the Canadian West series! I loved those books as well. =) What is your favorite Janette Oke book??

      Yes, I'm excited! And...pretty nervous too. ;) And thank you for all your questions! I love them! =)

    2. My favorite Janette Oke book is “A Gown of Spanish Lace”. It was actually the first book that I read by her. I just love that one. Which is your favorite book by Janette Oke?

      I’m really excited to see your answers too! Oh, I’m sure you’ll do just great! :)
      You’re welcome! I’m glad you like them. :D

    3. Oh, that's cool! I loved "A Gown of Spanish Lace" as well. =) My favorite?...hmmm... I really loved "Return to Harmony" for a single book of hers. For a series though I really love the "Love Comes Softly" books (especially the last ones!) and also the "Canadian West" and "Song of Acadia". Such good books! ♥

      Thank you!! :)

    4. I haven’t read “Return to Harmony”, the “Song of Acadia” series or the “Love Comes Softly” series yet, but I do hope to sometime :) Janette Oke writes such great books. :D

    5. Ok, neat! And yes, Janette Oke's books are amazing! :)


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