| Fiction |

01. Life of Faith Series (especially the Millie Keith's!) - Martha Finley 

02. The Measure of a Heart - Janette Oke 

03. A Penny Parcel - Avery Hitch 

04. Counted Worthy - Leah Good 

| Non-Fiction |

01. Set Apart Feminity - Leslie Ludy

02. Beautiful Girlhood - Karen Andreola 

03. Authentic Beauty - Leslie Ludy 

05. Before You Meet Prince Charming - Sarah Mally 

06. The Lost Art of True Beauty - Leslie Ludy 

07Get Lost - Dannah Gresh 

08.  Do Hard Things - Brett and Alex Harris 

09.  Will Our Generation Speak? - Grace Mally 

010. Brokenness, Surrender, and Holiness - Nancy Leigh DeMoss 


  1. Millie Keith is just SO good!!! AND yes, im new! Nice to meet ya!


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