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All these books have completely impacted my life and I have to say they're my favorite books of all time. This series is unique so that there's a bunch of series within the series. So I linked to Martha Finley (the author) where you can check out all the different series. These are amazing books! 

This book is by Janette Oke and I read it a while back, but it did impact me! I remember it helped me see how we all are different and we can't be just like another person and we have to accept that God isn't going to write the same story for all of us. Plus the story line is wonderful! :)

These books really did impact me! They taught me so much about history and the Jewish faith. There is quite a bit of violence so depending on what you're comfortable you might want to think about that before you read them. My mom is reading them to me and my brother and so she takes out the really gruesome parts, but they are such good books!
04. A Penny Parcel

This book was so amazing! It is extremely thick so beware, but it definitely impacted my life. It kept me captivated through the whole thing and showed lessons on giving up your reputation, loving when there's no response, and how Jesus can heal us from whatever we've experienced in the past. 

05. Counted Worthy 

This book is also incredible! It is full of excitement and made me cry at the end. It really impacted my life and taught me how precious our faith should be.






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01. Don't Waste Your Life

Ok, so I actually have not finished this whole book, but I know from others in my family that it is an extremely good book. I think every christian should read it!

02. Beautiful Girlhood

This book is a little "old fashioned" if you will, but still an extremely good book! It taught me much about living life in relatable ways.

03. Authentic Beauty

This book has impacted my life so much! It teaches you on living the Christian life pursuing and falling in love with Jesus!

04. It's (Not That) Complicated

This book impacted me a lot in the area of purity and relationships. It is very practical which I loved and although I wouldn't say that I agreed 100% with everything they said most of it was really good!

05. Before You Meet Prince Charming

This book is so good! It really challenged me also in the area of purity and saving everything for one person and not freely giving away feelings and emotions.

06. The Lost Art of True Beauty

Another incredible book by Leslie Ludy! It shared really practical advice on how to be a woman of virtue and beauty. It shared advice on treating people, dressing, acting, and just really, really good advice that completely changed and challenged me.

07. Lady in Waiting

Another excellent book on purity! I really, really, appreciated how this book was all on shaping your own character while you wait for the right person as a lot of the books I've read are all about what the guy's character should be and not on yourself. One note though. The author is very open about different subjects and issues regarding purity and so if you don't know a lot about this area a lot of things would be really shocking.

08. Get Lost

Get Lost is a fabulous book! It guides you through 10  love feasts just to feast on Jesus love and get lost in Him. Plus I named my blog after this book. ;)

09.  Do Hard Things

Last, but definitely not least is Brett Harris' book "Do Hard Things". I read it a long time ago, but I remember it was extremely challenging on getting out of your comfort zone and "doing hard things". Every teen should read this book!

010.  Will Our Generation Speak?

An amazing, fabulous book on witnessing! This book was so practical which I loved. Chapters on ways to start conversations, how to challenge the beliefs of people, how/where/when's, and so much more! I can't recommend this book enough!!!


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