Deepening Your Relationship With Him

Have you ever really wanted to deepen your relationship with Christ, but not known how? I know I've struggled with wanting a deep, strong relationship with Jesus, but not really known how...in a practical sense...in this post I will share ways I have found for drawing closer to my Savior.

I think a very logical way to look at it is looking at your other relationships...think of a person you have a really strong relationship with and then think what makes it so. I'm certainly guessing that the person you're thinking of is someone who you spend a lot of time with or at least keep in touch with a lot if they don't live near you. This has to be the way we are with Jesus! How are we going to get to know someone and have a deep relationship with them if we never talk to them or keep in touch? It's practically impossible! So to have a strong relationship with Christ we must talk to him through prayer. Prayer is one of the most wonderful ways we can grow closer to our Savior. And I don't just mean a once a day "Lord, forgive me for my sins and help me live a good life" kind of prayer. I'm talking about "praying without ceasing"...continually throughout the day asking God to give you strength, love, and grace in each situation you face. I always find that when I do this I'm so much more at peace and I respond to tough situations in a much better way! So I would really encourage you to make prayer more than something you say quickly right before your day or even not at all. Make it meaningful, pour out your heart to the Lord, pray for others, pray for our country, pray for your future, and trust your Savior that He will hear your prayer and answer it in His timing. And be patient even if He doesn't answer right away although it will be hard as I have found! ( :

Another essential way to gaining a deep, intimate relationship with Him is spending time in His word, the Bible, which is his letter to us. If you've ever gotten a letter from one of your friends what do you do with it? Do you leave it on your desk to gather dust? Of course not! You open it, read it, and respond to it. This is how we need to be with the Bible! Read it daily, memorize it, think about it throughout each day, and obey it! This is another way we can draw closer to Him. It says in the Bible "If you love me you will keep my commandments". So if we truly love our Savior we will obey His word with joy! This is another wonderful way to deepen our relationship with Him!

And the last is difficult and hurts: trial. God gives us trials to test our faith and see if we will turn away from Him when things get hard or run to Him and draw all the closer. Trials are not easy, but if we get through them by drawing closer to Jesus He will reward us greatly and we will find out that our faith has grown and we have a much stronger relationship with Him than ever before! So really to sum it up, deepening our relationship with Him takes 1. Time: praying, reading His word, and obeying it And 2. Trial: persevering in difficulty and drawing all the closer to Him through that.

I hope this helps you as you journey deeper with Him! I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and ways you have grown closer to Jesus!


  1. Hannah, that is a very good reminder! Especially on prayer. When I think of ways that I become friends with other people, it is usually through emailing or sending letters. Sometimes I wish that I could "send" Jesus a letter and have Him respond. But you really can, in a way, because you can pray to Him and read His "answer" in the Bible! =) Good post!

    1. Yes, you really can! And prayer can be so much more than what most people think of it to be!

  2. Such a good reminder! Since we can't "talk" with Jesus face-to-face, it's so important to remember that we can still communicate with Him through His Word!

    1. Thank you, Emily! Yes, communicating with Him is so important. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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