How I Write a Blog Post

I love reading people's blog posts! It is so fun for me to get to hear what they think of certain topics, what their life is like, and how they do different things. Plus I love learning from others, so when they give me tips on blogging, christian living, etc I love their blogs all the more! So...when I first saw this post on Katie's blog I thought it would be neat to learn how she does her blog posts. Then a couple days later Hosanna wrote a similar post on her blog. And so I thought I would write one as well about how I write my blog posts! I have only been blogging for a short time so we'll see how it goes... :) 

1. Brainstorming-

The first step is obviously to come up with an idea. I usually (at least right now) don't just sit down and think...instead I'll get a bunch of ideas from many places like church, my quiet time, songs, other blogs...pretty much anywhere. Once I run out of all my ideas then I may have to start just sitting down and thinking. (; But right now ideas are numerous and I don't really have any trouble coming up with any. And if it comes to it I can always just copy someone else's blog post like this one. hehe (:

2. Research-

So...I don't do this one on every post, but on many topics I don't have the wisdom I need to write about the subject, so I read about it! Especially on my last post I could remember close to nothing about Lillian Trasher so I had to do a bit of research on her and then put into my own words what I learned.

3. Picture Editing-

Okay, so I have to admit this is probably my favorite part of writing a blog post! That may sound a bit odd to you...but...well...it's true. I love finding pictures that are relevant to my topic and then using PicMonkey to edit it. PicMonkey is the best by the way! (And it's free, except for certain features and fonts) And if you didn't already notice: Right now I like doing this before I write the post. I'm not sure why...I guess I just can't wait. (; Oh! And lastly, I find my pictures on UnsplashPexels and a new website I just found called Pixabay!

4. Writing The Post-

So this is definitely the longest part of writing a post. Obviously...=) I do enjoy this part though! I don't do any outlining, just start writing. Often I write it out in a notebook I have for blogging first. This makes it easier to cross thing's out, etc. It also is really nice if I don't have a computer handy or have spent way too much time on the internet already to get ahead of the game. I like to do this part many days before the day I'm going to post it so that I'm completely stress free if something goes wrong. 

5. Proofreading/Correcting-

This isn't a super fun part of writing a post, but a completely necessary one! After I've finished writing my post I will go back and proofread it to make sure everything flows and is spelled correctly, etc. On this step I also italicize and bold. 

6. Schedule and Label-

So this step is super quick...it should hardly even be a step. :) I go over to the "Post Setting's" bar and add one or two labels to my post, schedule it for some Saturday in the future, preview it on my blog, and finally click "publish"!

So, this is how I write my blog posts! I would love to hear how you do yours if you have a blog and haven't already done one! (: 


  1. Thanks for mentioning Pixabay! I will be sure to check it out! =)

    Great post! Our methods sound similar. =)

    1. Thanks! Yes, Pixabay is really good! (for most things)

  2. I guess I should probably do one next.... :)
    Good post!

    1. That would be wonderful if you did, Emily! :)


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