March Highlights//2016

Wow. Can tomorrow really be April? This year has already gone incredibly fast! So here I am with Marches "Monthly Highlights" post---

What did I do this month? :P Well...
  • I started writing my novel!!!! :) I'm very excited, but extremely nervous that people are going to actually read what I wrote...=)
  • We had a memorable Easter...beginning with waking up at 6:00 to get to the Easter sunrise service. Then coming back, eating breakfast, and heading to the the main service which ended in a "massive" Easter egg hunt for the little kids. And of course the big kids found what was left. :)
  • I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)! I'm excited to begin going crazy with writing this April. =)
  • I dissected a sheep's brain...and ate pizza...of course. :D
  • I got 15 followers on my blog!!! A big thank you to my followers!!!!
  • We visited some old neighbors and got to bottle feed their baby goats and see their farm again. Such fun! :)
 So I didn't do a ton of reading this month...I only read 4 books *gasps*. :) But here they are anyway---

Books Read:4

Favorite: I would probably say Love Without Limits. It's a beautiful story! I'll be doing a review on it very soon. :)

Disappointment: Well...they were all great books, but Drums of Change was a little disappointing in the sense that it was very slow getting into and didn't really "capture" my attention until it was about 3/4 done. But the story was wonderful and I still am very glad I read it!

I didn't do a ton of writing this month other than writing letters and emails(that counts right?). :) I did do a little bit of writing on my novel though. This next month I should do WAY more writing with Camp NaNoWriMo. :)


Hosanna from Having A Heart Like His did a incredibly helpful  75 Random Acts of Kindness post!

Emily from A Purpose and A Promise did a really encouraging post on Joy

Clara from Reasons to Smile did a really amazing post on Modesty

Abi from The Left Handed Typist wrote a cool post on how she writes a chapter!

Hannah from Ink Blots and Coffee Stains wrote an awesome post on Joy!

All these blogs are wonderful and you should check them out if you haven't already! :)


-"Extraordinary People of the Past" post 

-A book review

-A Christian Living type post 

-Possible giveaway :)

In My Life- 

-Emily from A Purpose and A Promise is visiting me! :)

-We are going to visit with a pastor from Liberia

-School finishes! (Yes...we are homeschooled:)

-Camp NaNoWriMo!

-Plenty of reading and writing

-Fun times with family and friends

And I'm sure there will be many wonderful surprises as well! :) 


 What are some of your highlights of this month? What thing's are you looking forward to? How many books did you read this month? 


  1. This is super fun! I may copy your posts like these. May I? :)

    Allie D.

    1. Sure! I actually got the idea from someone else! :D I would love to read them if you do!

  2. Neat highlights post, Hannah! :) I think I read only 3 new books this month, so you still beat me! :D

    1. Thank you Emily! I know...we've been to busy blogging! (;

  3. Great highlights post, Hannah!<3


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