Rest In Him

Hello readers!

This Saturdays post is going to be about resting in our Savior during the busy seasons of our lives. This is something that I'm learning a lot more about as this semester has been especially busy with school, chores, blogging, reading, writing, and staying caught up with friends and family. How can we manage life when it seems like there's not much that we can take out? We can't stop doing school, chores really need to be done, blogging is something that would be nice to do, and keeping up with friends and family is important as well. But then how do we have time for Him? How do we have peace when everyday is a marathon of going here and there and doing this and that?

1. Pray
Pray. Pray throughout each day asking the Lord for strength and grace in the business of life. Rest in him and ask him to give you peace to go through it confidently and completely free of stress. Release the outcomes to Him and let Him give you the peace that passes all understanding.

2. Have Joy
Although this definitely will not be the only busy season of your life I would really encourage you to enjoy it. It will make it so much more fun and stress-free if you enjoy the busyness instead of complaining or making it a drudgery.

3. Spend Time with Jesus
You are not going to get through it joyfully and with peace in your heart without Him. Make sure you spend at least a 1/2 hour each day with Jesus reading his word, listening to him, praying, and just being in His presence. This will make a big difference to your day! And if you think you don't have time for Him how about getting up a 1/2 hour earlier than you usually would to be with Him? As the saying goes "Where there's a will, there's a way" and that's certainly true for spending time with Jesus. You have to have the will to do it!

4. Do Your Best
Don't just get it done, but get it done well! I think this is really hard for me to do because when you have so many things to do you want to just get by on the bare minimum. But remember Who you are doing it for and do your best for Him. But also release the outcomes to Him!

5. Surrender
Surrender your will for His will, your plans for His plans. When things don't go the way you had wanted them to go surrender. Give up your agenda for His. Know that His plans are always better. Always


What are some ways you have joy and peace in the busyness of life? What are some areas you may need to work on?


  1. This was so good, Hannah! Thank you for the reminders!

    1. Thank you Emily! I wrote this post partly to remind myself as well. :) It is so hard to have joy when you're busy!

  2. This was lovely. :) Thank you

  3. This is a really good reminder! I have been feeling super busy these last few months...things I have wanted to get done haven't even been touched! =) It's a great thing to remember that Jesus gave you the busy times for a reason--even if you can't see it. I needed this to remind me today. =) Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Hosanna! I definitely understand how you're feeling. It's so hard to have joy and peace when it seems like you're getting nothing done, but keeping up with each daily task...if even that! Thank you for commenting! >3


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