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Welcome back to "Completely For Him" for another of my posts! 
I hope you enjoyed reading the cover release on Monday for Hosanna's novel! You should really go buy yourself a copy of the book after it releases! =) Anyway, on to my post which just happens to be another tag-

Vital Stats

Name: Hannah

Nickname: Ummm...I don't have any common nicknames and the ones I have been called might be a little too embarrassing to say...so...=D

Place of Birth: South Dakota 


Best Friend: Well, that's hard to say...I guess my parents, grandparents, siblings... :)

Award:  Maybe the trophy I got for playing soccer...but then everybody else on the team got it so I'm not sure! =D

Sport:  Football? I was a tomboy when I was younger... ;)

Real holiday:  Thanksgiving

Concert:  Probably the Josties a couple years back. They are so good! 


Film: Flywheel, Ring The Bell, Sound of Music...

TV Show: Counting On(and 19 Kids and Counting), Bringing Up Bates...actually I've never watched these on TV because we don't have a TV, but I love watching them on Youtube! :)

Color: Lavander Pink, Mint Green, and Lilac Purple

Song:  "Trust In You" (Lauren Daigle)// "Safe" (Phil Wickham)//"Hungry" (Jeremy Camp)// "Not Alone" (Crave)...and so many others! Sorry that wasn't really just one...but you should go listen to them right now! =D

Restaurant: Subway, Wendys, Panera Bread

Books: Song of Acadia series, Millie Keith series, Love Comes Softly series, and many other series/books by Janette Oke and Martha Finley!


Feeling:  Happy and tired. I just finished re-arranging my room and it looks amazing!!

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: Nothing except I did just eat a bar. Yum!

Watching:  Me typing this...I mean do most people watch other things while they're typing? :P

Wearing:  Jeans and a pink shirt(I wear a lot of pink!) =)


Want children: Yes!

Want to be married: Yes!

Careers in mind: Well, a wife and mother mainly...but before that...I'm still figuring it out! (;

Where you want to live: Anywhere that God wants me to live!

Do you believe in...

God: Definitely!

Miracles: For sure!

Love at first sight: Nope. I believe you can be attracted to someone right away, but it wouldn't be love yet...

Ghosts: No

Aliens:  No

Soul mates: So...I had to look this up because I didn't know what it was, although I had heard of it. It said a soul mate was "someone who was ideally suited for another as a close friend or romantic partner". I believe that God has specifically picked out the person you are to marry so I guess I believe in soul mates... =)

Heaven: Yes!

Hell:  Yes, but you have a choice to go there or not!

Kissing on the first date:  No! Not a good idea. Wait until your wedding day!

Yourself:  Well I believe that I can "do all things through Christ who strengthens me", but other than with His help no.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you learned more about me through it! If you have any other questions about me feel free to comment below and I'll try to answer you! =)


  1. I had fun reading it, Hannah! :)

    1. I'm glad you did, Emily! I really loved reading yours as well. =)

  2. I got to see Phil Wickham sing a few songs at a concert. He has a beautifullll voice!! Panera is sooo yummy! Ooo and so is Subway! Fun post, Hannah! :)

    1. That is SO cool, Morgan!! He is so amazing! And Panera and Subway are sooo good. ;)

    2. My two cents on this conversation: I saw Phil Wickham and Jeremy Camp at a concert recently too! I'd never heard of Phil Wickham before that, but he's pretty good!

    3. That is cool, Emily!!

  3. Very fun post! You had really good choices on everything! Now I really want to try Panera Bread. Everyone raves about it, but I've never been :(

    1. Thank you! And Panera Bread is great...although I have to admit I've only been once. =D So...don't feel too bad!! =) But it would be awesome if you could try it!

  4. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't know where they're going in life. :P Sigh, oh well. God has a plan, right? :)

    1. Yes, Katie you're not alone. *sighs* But God does have a plan and we can trust him! That is a wonderful thought!

  5. I love it when people do this tag, it's so fun getting to know them better!

    1. I love it as well!!! Do you have a blog??

  6. Ooh, I LOVE Trust in You by Lauren Daigle. One of my favorite songs! <3

    I love seeing this tag pop up around the internet. :) It's such fun to read.

    1. Yes, it is SUCH a good song!!! And thank you so much! I'm so glad you had fun reading it!!!! >3


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