A Few of My Favorite Things Tag

So I know I just did a tag last week, but I thought I would finish off all of my tags for a little while. I love doing tags though so if you'd like to tag me for something please go ahead!! :) Oh! And I also needed a little more time to plan some upcoming blog posts and so this was a quick resort when I wasn't quite sure what I was going to post. :D Anyway, I hope you don't mind and...enjoy!

This Saturdays tag is the "A Few of My Favorite Things" tag. I was tagged for it by Jessica from Whimsical Writings. Thanks so much Jesseca!! (and you should go check out her blog if you haven't! She is a published author too!)

The Rules:
-Write down ten of your favorite things
-Tag at least three others!

My Favorite Things:

1. Jesus

By far this is my favorite thing. :D He is such an amazing person and words could never describe all He is to me!!

2. Shabby Chic

Oooh!!! I love anything Shabby Chic. That vintage, beautiful, pastel look. **sighs** (I have a whole board on Pinterest for this kind of stuff) :)

3. Family//Friends

What would I ever do without my family and friends? I have so many fun times with them and learn so much from each one.

(Sorry...no picture ;)

4. Vintage

I love vintage things! They are so...gorgeous. :)

5. Janette Oke, Martha Finley, and Beverly Lewis

These are some of the best authors on the planet. (except God:) I love Janette Oke's heartwarming fiction, Beverly Lewis amazing Amish fiction, and Martha Finley's incredible fiction stories of young girls living lives of faith! You should read books by all of these authors if you haven't.

6. Music

I love listening to music!  My favorite singers/bands are Tenth Avenue North, Mandisa, Casting Crowns, as well as many others that I can't think of! I also love to sing, but don't play any  instruments. Singing is super fun though!

7. Books

I love books! They take you to places you'll never go, you can meet people you'll never meet, you can take a step back in time to another world so much more simple and beautiful than today's, and you can forget about the hurt, the pain, the suffering in your life and others lives and be another person that you'll never get to be. <3

8. Kittens

Kittens are so warm and furry and cuddly. And so this is another of my favorite things! :)

9. Writing

I'm a very newbie at writing, but so far I'm enjoying it! :) It is really fun to be able to create characters and the world that they live in.

10. Photography

Although I'm not near a professional photographer I really enjoy capturing life's many beautiful moments. :) 

this is so beautiful! another pinterest find :)

I tag:

Rebekah from RebekahAshleigh




  1. Yes, Those are great things!!!! Cool post!!!

  2. I have a shabby chic decor Pinterest board too! I've been wanting to redo my room and I can't decide between shabby chic and nautical.

    Allie D.

    1. That is cool Allie! I love Shabby Chic. <3

  3. Shabby Chic, vintage, books and vintage (& Jesus!)!!! Ohhhhh. That stuff is all so cute! I did some craft stuff that is(kinda :)shabby chic/vintagey (http://lovelypinkduckshome.blogspot.com/search/label/crafts). I collect old books-do you have any?

    1. We sound very similar!!!! =) I love your paintings...they are super pretty! I don't really have any old books except Heidi that my Grandma gave me. It's falling apart...I love books like that though! :)

    2. yes! If your ever interested in emailing/chapter swapping I would totally enjoy it ;D thank you! I have a Bryant's poem book with signatures from the 1920's, and a children's book that was published in the very early 1900's ( I also have an old 8th reader). Old book collecting is so much fun...I find some of mine at thrift stores around here :D.

    3. I would LOVE to do that Michaila! I would love to get to know you better too so if you'd ever like to start emailing I would really enjoy that. =) And yes, old book collecting is really fun!!

    4. OH! So excited!
      see you at Micnjosh@comcast.net ;)
      Just send me a note.

  4. Vintage!! I love vintage things. Kittens, books, music, writing.... yessss! :)

    1. Ooooh, we sound very similar!! <3 <3 <3

  5. I loved reading about some of your favorite things, Hannah! :)
    I love all of those authors. ;) I just finished reading "The Bluebird and the Sparrow" the other day. :) Books are just wonderful!!
    Listening to music is great! I really like Tenth Avenue North too. :) What's your favorite song by them?
    Kittens are so adorable!! :D
    I enjoy photography too. I'm not near a professional photographer either, but taking pictures is a lot of fun.
    Thanks so much for tagging me. I look forward to doing it. :)

    1. Wow, we are similar!!! :) My favorite Tenth Avenue North songs?? Hmmm...I love "You are More", "Beloved", "Any Other Way", "Beyond Words", etc. What about you?? Some of the songs have made me cry they're so beautiful!!

      I can't wait to read your answers!

    2. Yes, we are!! :) :)
      "You are More" is really good. I don't think I've heard "Beloved", "Any Other Way", or "Beyond Words". I'll have to look those ones up soon. My favorite song by them is "Hold My Heart". I also like "Worn". :)

      I'm hoping to do the tag sometime this coming week! ;)

    3. Oooh, I love "Worn"!! I forgot about that one. :) I also love "Hold my Heart". Their songs are just SO amazing!!

      That would be wonderful, Rebekah!

  6. AnonymousMay 22, 2016

    How fun!!
    I've read Martha Finley's books, but not the ones about Millie. I've only read the Elsie books. THEY ARE SO GOOD!! Have you read them?
    YUSSSSS singing is the BEST!!! And I LOVE Mandisa's songs!!
    And AMEN to photography!! You and I should totally get together and go picture hunting or something. XD
    Are we, like, secretly twins or something?? I mean, look at all we have in common.... XD

    1. Awww, your comment is SO sweet, Ariel(I love your name!!)!

      Yes, the Elsie books are amazing!!!! And singing!! **squeals at finding another singer**

      And photography!! And Mandisa!! We are totally secret twins. :D <3 <3 <3

  7. This such a great tag, Hannah. Thanks for tagging me! I know I'll have fun with it. :)

    1. Thank you Emily!! I'll be looking forward to reading your answers. :)

  8. FAVORITE THINGS!!! Amen to Jesus. But books, kittens, Shabby Chic, and music are ALL SO GREAT!!! It makes me think of the SOund of Music song, "My Favorite Things." So lovely!

    1. Aw, it is wonderful to find someone else who loves the same things!! And that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this tag... "Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, and warm woolen mittens" :) <3

    2. I actually did a post about that...


    3. Cool! I'll check it out!

  9. Thanks so much for doing the tag, Hannah!! I think we have a lot of favorites in common! I agree with you on all but Beverly Lewis ... just because I've never read a lot of her work. :)
    And the pictured you found to go with the post are all so pretty!!! I love pretty pictures. ;)

    1. Your welcome! Thank YOU for tagging me! And yes we do have a lot in common! <3


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