April Highlights//2016

Hello again!
Well, somehow it is May today! April went incredibly fast for me, but I'm definitely looking forward to the month of May being full of flowers, sunshine, and summer vacation. :) But to wrap up April here I am with this months "Monthly Highlights" post-

  • Hosting a pastor from Liberia and getting to get together with lots of families to meet him. I had a great time with Emily as well!
  • Finishing school!!!
  • Lots of reading
  • Spending good family time
  • Hosanna released her novella!
  • I got 25 followers!!! I had a secret goal of getting that many this month and so I'm so thankful for all of you awesome followers. =)
  • Getting to interview Ms. Amanda Tero 
  • And many other little things that I can't remember. =) Every day is special in a different way! 

I did some reading this month totaling in about 6 books. I'm sure I'll do more in the summer as I won't have school . :)

Books Read:6

Favorite: That's hard! I would say I enjoyed them all! 
Disappointment:I don't really think any of them were a big disappointment! =)

We don't usually watch many movies, but this month I did watch a few-

I enjoyed watching all of these movie, but I really loved "Anne of Green Gables"! I had never seen it before so I enjoyed watching it for the first time. =) Flywheel is definitely a great movie and Love Comes Softly was good, but not my favorite. Probably because I've read the book and so the movie was slightly disappointing. ;) I would love any other suggestions of movies to watch over the summer in the comments!

Well, I didn't do any writing this month although it was Camp NaNo. :P I'm still trying to do a bit of planning for my novel, but I have a goal of writing the whole novel this summer. So...maybe beta readers in August?  Or not...;)


//Possible guest post

//Maybe another tag

//Giant blog recommendations post??? :)

//Maybe some photography tips

And...any others you guys would like for me to post on???

In My Life-

//Vacation Trip
//Hopefully reaching summer goals 
//Lots of reading and writing
//Times with family and friends
//A pretty quiet month really! 

What are some of your highlights from April? Do you have any movie recommendations or post suggestions for me? I would love to hear your thoughts!

(I will be on vacation for a few days so if I don't respond to your comments right away that's why. Thank you so much for commenting though!!)



  1. Oooh exciting! This was cool to see what you've been up to. Where are you going on vacation? (In New Zealand we say "on holiday"). :)
    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! We're going to the beach for our vacation. :) We always have fun going there!! Are there many beaches in New Zealand? It's so cool that you live there!

    2. Many beaches?! Our whole country is two islands! There are heaps of beaches!! :)

    3. That is VERY cool that you live in New Zealand!!! =) I would love to know more about what it's like! =)

    4. Oooh, how fun!!!! =D

  2. I love the movie flywheel!!! And the love comes softly series are great (I haven't read the books though) Great post!!!


    1. Yes, Flywheel and Love Comes Softly are both really good! Thank you for commenting, Kiley!

  3. If you like Anne of Greene Gables and Love Comes Softly you should consider the second movie in the Anne of Greene Gables series and maybe the third. :)

    1. Yes, I really want to get the next one! **goes to place it on hold** =)

  4. Great post! I enjoy reading monthly highlight posts. =) I would recommend the other movies by the Kendrick brothers if you haven't watched them yet...like Fireproof, Courageous, War Room, and Facing the Giants! They are all so good! =D

    Have fun on your vacation! =) I don't have any post suggestions for you because I always love everything that YOU come up with! =)

    ~Hosanna Emily

    1. Thank you, Hosanna! We have War Room on hold and we've seen Fireproof and Facing the Giants. They are all so good!!! Have you ever seen Anne of Green Gables?

      Aw, thank you! >3

    2. I think I've seen Anne of Green Gables, though it was a long time ago. =) I don't remember most of it...so I guess that means I should re-watch it. =)

    3. Lol, it is a great movie!! I just had the next one come in at the library so I'm looking forward to seeing it! =)

  5. Very nice! I loved seeing what you've been doing (and I had a great time visiting you too. :D)
    I'm glad you enjoyed watching Anne of Green Gables. It's definitely one of my favorites too, and I would totally recommend the second one as well! ;)

    1. Thank you Emily!!! I just placed the next Anne of Green Gables on hold! I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)

  6. Hi! :D
    This month was my first Camp NaNo! It's was extremely fun, and I met my goal on April 26th I started following and reading lots of new blogs (yours included!), and sorta started a blog of my own (mostly just planning).
    I would live to hear more about your writings and some more writing tips :)


    1. Hello Hann!!

      That's wonderful and congratulations on reaching your goal!!!

      And thank you so much for following my blog! I'll have to check out yours! And I might do a writing post this month so check back. :)

      Thank you for commenting!

  7. Looks like you had an amazing April, Hannah! I didn't join in CampNaNo either, maybe next year :). You might need beta readers in August? Ooo ... *mentally makes a note*

    All of your upcoming posts sound awesome! Maybe you could post a little bit about your story? I would love to hear more about it!

    During May I hope to edit most of the novel I'm working on, start a public blog (well, that one is a maybe) and write lots of words :).

    1. Thank you, Savannah!! And yes, I might need beta readers in August...hopefully. :)

      You're sweet! I would love to do a post on my story once I've planned it a bit more. I'm probably going to do a bit more planning this week/weekend.

      Oooh, that is so cool you're writing a novel and maybe going to start a blog!! What is your novel about? I would love to get your blog link too when you start one!

    2. I always love the planning stage of a story, it's so fun to decide what's going to happen and getting to know your characters!

      My novel is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty that I wrote last year for a contest. I've finally taken it back out to start editing :).

      I'll definitely let you know if I start a public blog!

    3. Yes, it is so fun!!! :)

      Oh, how neat! That sounds fun to write about! =)

  8. Oooh have fun on vacation! Where are you going?

    I still need to watch Anne of Green Gables AHHHH

    1. Thank you, Hannah! We went to the beach for our vacation. :)

      YES, you really should! The first one was great! =)

  9. You need to watch the rest of the Anne movies! Thy're all sooo good!!! And Janette Oke's books are always some of may favorites!
    I hope you and your family had a wonderful vacation!!
    Oh, and I tagged you for the Favorite things tag on my blog. :)

    1. I definitely will!!! And Janette Oke's books are SO amazing...I love them all! I just started reading Beverly Lewis and hers are so good too. They're about Amish which are really neat. :) Have you ever read any of hers?

      Thank you so much for tagging me!!! I'll definitely do it sometime soon! >3

  10. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!!!!! Those are two of my favorite movies (I don't count the last one because it didn't follow the books.) And I agree that April flew by. It also dragged a bit because I was so busy! That's why May is nice, less stuff.

    As for movie recommendations, The Help, Ever After, and Enchanted!

    1. YEEESSS! =D I loved seeing the first one...especially because it follows the book. I love when movie's do that!!

      And thank you so much for the recommendations!! I actually saw the Ever After Musical which was neat...one of my friends was in it. :)

  11. It sounds like you had a fun month, Hannah! :)
    I read "Heart of the Wilderness" a couple months ago and really enjoyed it! :) Janette Oke is one of my favorite authors.
    Anne of Green Gables, Flywheel, and Love Comes Softly are all really good movies.
    I really like the Love Come Softly movies. I've never read the books, but my mom has and she said that they were a lot different than the movies. I'll have to read them sometime. :) Have you ever seen the When Calls the Heart TV series? They are based off of the When Calls the Heart books by Janette Oke.They are nothing like the books, but they are still really, really good. :D

    1. Thank you for commenting Rebekah! Yes, I think most of the Love Comes Softly movies are a lot different than the books. The first one pretty much followed the book, but it was a little different!

      And no I haven't seen the When Calls the Heart TV series! It sounds really good! I loved reading the books though...:) They were really good!

  12. Ahh, aren't the Love Comes Softly books sweet? ^_^ I read the first four books and then watched the first five movies. Then I read the fifth book and it was VASTLY different from the movie. I mean, nothing was the same. At all. :P

    Glad you had a good April!

    1. Yes, they are super sweet. :) And yes they are very different from the books from what I've heard! The first one was fairly similar, but a little different too!

      I hope you had a good April!!


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