May Highlights//2016

The merry month of May has ended! 
As always it went "incredibly fast" and there was SO many things that happened. :) So let's get on with it-

  • We had a great vacation!
  • My brother got off to his overseas summer school(although that wasn't exactly a highlight:)
  • I started my novel and it's going pretty well! (I changed everything about it to a completely new subject)
  • I read a lot of books which was fun!
  • I went through ALL of my stuff and got rid of a bunch of things which was incredibly refreshing. :)
  • We went blueberry picking!
  • It tried out my skills at tie-dying. It turned out pretty well! :)
  • My goals are going alright...a few things to work out though. :) 
  • Lots of great family and friends time!
I read quite a few books this month totaling 9. 

Books Read:9
sorry it's a little weird looking :)

Favorite: I loved "Santcuary", "Meet the New You", and "Vienna Prelude". "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" was also a great book. And to clarify...there is no real witch...;) I do not read books about witches. :D Lol...
Disappointment: "So You Want to Write A Novel" had a bit of bad language and bad examples of things to write about so that was disappointing.

Well, I have been doing some writing. I'm not going to tell you about it though. Lol. It's a secret for some upcoming post. =D

Julia Ryan is doing a photography challenge for those who have a Pinterest account! 

Hannah started a super fun Pinterest challenge. I'm really enjoying it! 

Aubrey wrote a great post on how you are gold! You should check out this great girls blog if you haven't. =)

There's so many more awesome posts this month, but I'm getting a bit tired and I think I'll stop. :D 

//Photography Post
//Blog Recommendation post+Giveaway(hopefully!)
//Another tag
//Writing post...maybe
//Book Review
//And...we'll see! =)


What is your top favorite thing you did in May? What is something you wanted to do, but didn't do? I would love to hear your answer! Comments make me so happy. :) **sighs**


  1. WOW! You had an eventful May!! My favorite thing was probably going to Dollywood :D I didn't read much this May though! But I'm officially done with school!!!


    1. Yes, we did Kiley! June is looking to be very quiet so I'm looking forward to that a lot. ;)

      And you went to Dollywood?? That is super cool!!

      And no school is so awesome isn't it?? I don't necessarily hate school, but having a break is SO good too. :)

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. You had a great May, looks like! I didn't read very much this month either, probably because I'm trying to finish school. :)

    1. I did Emily!! And I understand about not reading much...I wouldn't have read near that many books if I had school. It is fun to read though!

      Thank you for commenting!!

  3. Great post!! You've already gone blueberry picking?! Yumm! I always forget fruit seasons. :P I do know that strawberries will be out soon. But, acccctttuuually, Sarah and I are hosting the photography challenge together :) thanks for linking us though!! :D

    1. Thank you, Julia! And yes, we have. It's super fun!

      And I'm so excited for the photo challenge as well! I think it will be really fun. =)

  4. I didn't do much writing, but I wish I had! Now... back to writing!

    1. Yes, I wish I had written more too. :) But there's a brand new month ahead of us to remedy that! =)

      Thank you for commenting, Anika!

  5. The merry month of May - I like it. :) It sounds like you had a busy month!

    I've been wanting to read The Witch of Blackbird Pond ever since I read another of the author's books, so it's good to hear your recommendation (and clarification that there is no witch really!)

    I'm looking forward to everything you've got planned for your blog this month! Happy June! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica!! ;)

      And yes, I enjoyed reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Sometimes I thought it wasn't too interesting or a little weird, but overall it was a good book. =) And yes, there is no real witch. They think a lady is a witch though because she's a Quaker. :)

      And thank you! I'm looking forward to what you post on your blog. It is so pretty!

  6. Sounds like a great month! :D I've read Sanctuary (yeeeeaarrrss ago) and, I agree, it was really good. :) I need to re-read that one!

    (From a recent subscriber to your blog who isn't sure if she's commented before or not. XD)

    1. That is super neat that you've read "Sanctuary"! I enjoyed it a lot as well. =)

      And thank you for subscribing to my blog!! ;) I'm excited to have you around here!

  7. AnonymousJune 01, 2016

    Wonderful post, Hannah! It's crazy how fast the month can fly by, isn't it?
    Oooh! A photography post??? I look forward to seeing that!

    1. Thank you, Ariel! And yes, yes, and yes. The months fly by sooo fast!

      And yes! A photography post on Saturday. =) I hope you enjoy it and learn something. ;)

  8. Oh, isn't Vienna Prelude the best?! One of my very favorite books from years ago!!! I really, really enjoy it! :)
    Oh, blueberry picking sounds like fun! I went once, years ago, and I remember really enjoying it!
    I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts!

    1. Yes, it is SO good!! And so is the next one we're reading so far. =)

      Blueberry picking is fun! It does get a bit hot after awhile though and we had to watch out for wasps on the berries. A couple friends of ours got stung and said it hurt SOO bad. :)

      Thank you, Jesseca! You are so sweet. <3

  9. I always enjoy reading monthly highlights posts. :) They’re so fun. It sounds like you had a great month, Hannah! :)
    That’s great that you guys had a fun vacation. My family and I got back from vacation last week. We had a lot of fun too. :)
    That’s fun that you were able to go blueberry picking. We usually go sometime during the summer too. This morning some of my family and I went strawberry picking with some friends, and later this afternoon we are going cherry picking. ;)
    I’ve always wanted to try tie-dying, but I haven’t yet. ;)
    It looks like you’ve read some good books. I really liked “Sanctuary”. Although it seemed like I always got to the more suspenseful parts at night. ;)
    I’m looking forward to all of the fun posts that you have planned, Hannah!! :)

    1. Thank you Rebekah for your sweet comment!

      Blueberry picking is awesome. You went strawberry picking...and cherry picking??? Wow, that is super cool!

      Yes, Sanctuary had some awesome, intense moments. :D And yes! Books often seem to "somehow" get to the more intense parts at night. ;)

      Thank you! And I appreciate your long comments! I love long comments! <3


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