"Meet The New You" Book Review

Happy Tuesday!!
I am here with my second book review of all time. **throws confetti** ;D I am going to be reviewing the book "Meet The New You" by Elisa Pulliam:

 Change is possible.

As women, we are constantly evaluating ourselves. Am I enough? Why can’t I change this certain thing about myself? Should I be doing more?

We long for real, deep, lasting change—but we don’t know how to begin. In Meet the New You, Elisa Pulliam empowers women to take charge of their own life transformation by engaging in a meaningful relationship with God and His Word. Each chapter gives practical and interactive ways to address some of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of permanent change. Through stories, biblical application, personality assessments, thought-provoking questions, and life-coaching principles, Meet the New You helps women:
·         understand who they are
·         cultivate a vision for who they want to become
·         recognize what holds them back
·         determine the steps necessary to  put new, practical habits into action

It’s time to discover who you really are and how you can live life differently. It’s time to meet the new you!

When I first started reading this book I was a bit hesitant. It just seemed SO hard to actually change habits and lifestyles. I was very surprised though! This book was amazing. In a sweet and loving way Elisa took you through all aspects of your life and made you realize lies that you didn't even know you were believing and things that were holding you back from embracing all that God had created you to be. But she didn't just say things like read your Bible, pray, memorize scripture, etc.(although those are great things to do) She got into root issues that I would have never thought of before! Although this book was written mainly to moms and wives I found that I got a ton out of it and am still going through all the practical things she suggested you do. I think another thing I really appreciated was she didn't say she was able to change you, but she always pointed you to the One who can! As she says "Change is possible" and you really can be transformed from bad habits, attitudes, views of yourself and others, etc. I would definitely recommend this book to any woman 13+ who really wants to be transformed in every aspect of her life!

"I got this book from Blogging For Books for this honest review"


  1. It sounds like a great book, Hannah! :D

    1. Yes, it is! I hope you can read it sometime!


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