June Wrap

How can it be July??? I just wrote May's Monthly Highlights post...didn't I??? ;)
This month literally flew by...July is upon me and I'm freaking out in a good way. ;D Soooo many exciting things are hopefully going to happen in July and I'm very excited! =) But let's first wrap up June before we think of July... =D


//I went on a few thrift store excursions and got a few things. =)

//My family and I played BeanBoozled which is the grossest most awfully wonderful game. Yeah. Go get some. It's awful. **runs out of the room because rotten egg jelly beans make me gag**

//My goals are going quite well! That's what home days are for...


//We went to a small fisherman sort of town that we love to visit!

And got rained on...;)

//We also got to swim in a spring! It was cooooollldddd. **shivers** But also super *cool*!! ;)

//I worked a bit on my novel and it's coming! Not incredibly fast, but coming...=)

//I helped our church hand out water-bottles for something called "Connect Week" which was fun...and hot. ;)

//I participated in a 30 day photography challenge which was very fun! =)

// I read so many good books!!



Soooo...I read 11 books this month! I had a personal goal to read 10 so I even surpassed that...by one. ;D

Book Read:11

I loved reading all of these books!!! "The Old River Road" was soooo good as well as "The Pursuit of God", "Secret Keeper", "Lady in Waiting", "Prague Counterpoint", "Beauty Begins"...yeah...haha! They all were good!!! =D 


There were some awesome things posted on this month! I'll share a few below...

Abi is doing an awesome giveaway!

Emily wrote a wonderful post on Contentment!

Ivy wrote such an amazing and true post on writing romance!

Hosanna wrote a challenging post on not being self-seeking!

Hannah wrote a beautiful post on what the point of beauty is!


Total word count: 1,356

This is not very good...;)...but I tried! Lol. I'm enjoying working on it with no pressure though! Writing is fun. =)


I have some very exciting events coming up!  We are leaving in late July to go see our grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends! We're making a big loop and seeing as many people as possible. I'm extremely excited because it's been forever since we've seen everybody and I just can't wait...we have way to much fun with our relatives. ;) Plus I love to travel to new places and old favorites and so this will be very fun. We won't talk about the long hours in the car though. Haha! It'll be fun though. =) We'll also pick up my older brother who's been overseas for the summer so it will be fun to be together again as well! So...I'll have many things to share with you when we get back. ;) I hope you have a wonderful July as well!!


What did you do this June? Do you have any exciting things you're doing in July?


  1. Sounds like a great month, Hannah!! Journey and Old River Road = <3 <3 <3 ;)

    1. Thank you, Faith!! And <3 <3 <3 for the Old River Road and Journey.;) Did you beta for Ivy or are you doing the book release??? That is super cool you got to read her book!!

    2. I'm participating in the release -- Advanced reader. :D

    3. Neat! Me too. ;) It's going to be really fun! =D

  2. Sounds like you had a great June, Hannah! And you're sweet to include my post on contentment. <3

    1. I did! And I can't wait to read your post on your June! =) And you are very welcome. It was a wonderful post!!

  3. Great post, Hannah! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful June!
    A 30 day photography challenge? That sounds like GREAT fun! I should start one of those for myself in July...ooh, my wheels are turning...=D
    And a road trip? To visit relatives? That's AWESOME! And I totally know what you mean. We have wayyyy to much fun with our relatives as well. ;) I wish you safe travels! *hands you cookies to take along for the ride*

    1. Thank you, Ariel!! We did! =)

      And yes, I loved it!! It was awesome. I did one with a bunch of other people through Pinterest and we had a topic to take of each day. It was very fun and made me think more creatively. ;) That would be awesome if you could do one!

      Road trips are AWESOME aren't they??? *high fives* And that is so great that you have fun with your relatives too! Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles...yep...they're great. ;) And thank you!! **takes the cookies for the looong ride** ;D

      Your comments always are so sweet and make my day, Ariel!! Do you happen to have a blog like your sister??? =)

    2. Hm...a topic each day...*wheels turn faster*...=D..this sounds like it could be a goal for July...
      Aw, thank you, sweet girl! Yes, I do have a blog! It's private like Savannah's, but if you're interested in seeing it you can email my mom: theperrans AT cox DOT net :).

    3. Yes, you should totally do it! ;)

      Awesome! I would love to see it as I think we have a lot in common! =) I'll email your mom soon. :) Thank you!!

  4. I love this post! It sounds like you had a fun month...I'm glad! :)

    Allie D.

    1. Aw, thank you Allie!!! It was a very fun month. I hope yours was too!

  5. How can it be July??? You said it, and I'm wondering the same thing. Anyway, I guess it's just a reminder to use time the best we can, because it doesn't stay around for long!

    Ooh, thrift store excursions (or op shopping as we call it here), is always fun. Congratulations on your novel writing progress too! I know what you mean, it mightn't seem much, but every word adds up!

    How did you enjoy A Young Woman After God's Own Heart? I read it, and worked through the study questions at the end of the chapters a couple of years ago, and found it a big blessing. And the more I hear about The Old River Road the more I think I need to read it!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing Hannah - this was a fun post to read. :)

    1. YES, I know...how??? ;) And I know...it is very challenging to make the best use of our time when it goes so fast. =)

      Thrift stores are super fun! That is cool that you call them op shopping. I would love to visit your country! ;)

      I enjoyed A Young Woman After God's Own Heart a lot! It was actually the second time I had read it, but it was still packed with wisdom and I was challenged so much. And YES, you should definitely get The Old River Road. It is such a heartwarming, sweet read with some tragic moments mixed in! ;)

      Thank you for commenting, Jessica! I LOVE long comments like yours. =)

  6. Awesome post hannah!

  7. I had a lot of fun reading about some of your highlights from June, Hannah! :) It sounds like you had a fun month! :D
    Oh, thrift stores are fun. I love looking for books at them. ;)
    That’s great that you were able to work on your novel some!
    I have also read “A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart”, and I would like to read “The Old River Road” sometime! :)
    Have a great family vacation! It sounds like you will have a wonderful time! :D

    1. I did have a fun month! =) And yes, thrift stores are always very fun! And I love finding books there too. <3 ;D

      That is awesome you have read A.Y.W.A.G.O.H. ;) It is a really good book! So is "The Old River Road"!

      Thank you so much!! I hope you have a wonderful July as well!!!

  8. I KNOW how is it JULY?!?!?! Craziness. :) Sounds like you had a wonderful month! Thank you so much for mentioning my book and my blog post. I really appreciate it!

    1. YES, I KNOW. ;) I did have a wonderful month! I loved reading your June Wrap post as well!! And you are very welcome. I loved reading your book and your post was really encouraging!!!

      Thank you so much for commenting, Ivy!


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