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Welcome back on this first Saturday of June! 
I'm here with a photography post today. For all of you photographers I hope this will help you become a better photographer! These tips and descriptions have helped me a lot so I wanted to share them. I took a photography class through a friend of ours and so a lot of these tips come from what she said. And she is a very good photographer. =) Oh! And if you're not interested in photography at all don't feel obligated to read this post...it is pretty long and if you're not interested in photography it probably won't be very interesting. ;) But anyway, let's get started: 

Okay, so I was originally going to just explain all about exposure, shutter speed, and ISO. And then I found this super good website that tells about all that with really good pictures to show you. So instead I'll give some more basic tips and you can go click on this website to help you understand the other parts of photography better. ;)

Keep It Simple

Lol, you could have imagined me saying this, but it is so true and key in taking great photos! Simple pictures are the best. Not that there aren't plenty of beautiful pictures that are busy, but simple is eye catching. 

Use Leading Lines

This is a super fun part of photography that makes great photos. A leading line is any "line" that sort of leads to the subject or before a subject. That is not a great explanation, but a few photos will help show you. 

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is also something fun that really improves photographs. Instead of just centering your subject it is much better to use the rule of thirds and make the subject a bit off centered. Here's an example:

Do you see how instead of centering the bee they made it a bit off centered which is very eye catching and enhances the photograph. There usually is a button on your camera that you can click to always have this graph on your screen. 

Centered Composition

Although the rule of thirds is important in photography there definitely is a place for centered composition. So don't just use the rule of thirds although that is a awesome way to take a photo. 


Don't just stand in the same spot. Get up, move around, get low, get high, be awkward. Don't just take your photo straight on like you always do. You can get amazing shots laying on the ground, or up in a tree. ;) So have fun and play around with the viewpoint! Here's a photo I took where I was laying on the ground in the dirt in a super awkward position: ;D


Space. This is super important especially in people photography. You want their to be space where a person is looking or where an animal or plant is pointing. When someone is running you don't want to capture them right as they're about to go out of the picture, but instead as soon as they come into your camera's viewpoint. This is what I mean by space. 


Mergers are a bad thing. ;) Mergers are when theirs a tree coming from someones head or a branch coming out of someone ear. Not a good picture although it can be pretty funny...so be aware!  ;D

   See the horns coming out of the bear. LOL. 

Also don't cut off someone's foot in a photograph! ;) Here is a super helpful picture to show where it's okay to cut and where it's not okay. The red would be where it's not okay to cut and the green where it's fine. 


Lighting is a super hard thing in photography and one I still have a lot to learn on. But I think one of the keys in getting good lighting in a photograph is have good lighting outside. If it is a cloudy day you're probably going to get sort of grey pictures. Play around with your ISO, aperture, and exposure, and see what you can do about it though! And watch for the best lighting and take then. 


Catchlights add a bit of sparkle to a person or animals eye. Here is an example: 

Do you see the sparkle? Without catchlights photos can seem dull and lifeless. So try to get these in your photographs of people and animals! 


Bokeh is another super fun thing to play around with. It is usually the blurring of lights. Here's an example: 

Tips For Photography:

1. Keep your camera accessible

If you don't have your camera ready and waiting, chances are you'll miss some great photography opportunities! Keep your camera ready on your desk, nightstand, anywhere super accessible. That way when the moment comes you can just turn your camera on and snap away. ;)

2. Read your camera manual

This is something I was taught to do and need to do for the new camera I got. So I'm yelling at myself more than anyone. :D But this will help you a ton I think...so go read that long camera manual. If you don't have yours just type in your camera's brand and model, add "manual" and you should be able to find it. No excuses to not read it! ;)

3. Study others photographs

Learning from others will help you a lot. Study their photos and copy things they do. 

4. Take it everywhere

Take your camera with you wherever you go! There are so many great opportunities outside of your house so don't hesitate to take it with you. 

5. Ask for feedback

Ask someone you know to critique your photography and ask them to give you advice on how you can improve. 

6. Look for good lighting

Look in your house and in your yard for those perfect lighting spots. Notice also what times of day give you the best lighting and choose to take photos then.

7. Take a class

There are many free photography classes online so don't hesitate to join one and learn all you can! 

8. Practice, Practice, Practice

There is absolutely no substitute for this. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying! Over time you should see progress. =)

Disclaimer:  Except for the lizard photo I did not take any of these photos. ;)

Anyway...this was a long post, but I hope you learned something and are excited to try new techniques for taking photos! 

What photography techniques do you have? Are there any good tips I didn't mention? I would love to hear your comments below! 


  1. Those are neat tips! :)

    Allie D.

  2. Great tips hannah!!! I will have to use those! I don't have a camera though (yet) I use my iPhone but You took some great pictures! what kind of camera do you have?


    1. Thank you Kiley!! I have a Fujifilm FinePix S9200. I got it refurbished and if you're ever looking into buying a camera re-furbished is definitely the way to go! The camera's are really practically new and a whole lot cheaper.

      Thank you for commenting Kiley!

  3. What great tips you have, Hannah! You're a great photographer. :)

    1. Thank you, Emily!! You're a great photographer too!!!

  4. These were good tips. I love taking photos just don't do it very often and when I do don't do very good. I've been trying to take more for blogging and having some on posts. Not doing so well so far :P
    Btw that lizard is pretty cool

    1. Thank you, Hannah! And yes, I totally understand. I have those days when all my photos turn out horrible. ;) You can do it though!!!

      And thank you! =)

  5. Great tips, Hannah! I've actually been looking forward to a post on photography. :D And that lizzard photo is really cool!

    1. Thanks, Josiah! And lol, yeah. I wanted to do it sooner, but didn't get to it. :)

      Thank you!

  6. Wonderful post!!! And YES I always need to keep my camera ready. It's GREAT to have multiple lenses, but that also means its harder to get your camera ready to take a picture!!
    Another thing that I have learned is to KEEP YOUR BATTERY CHARGED. I can NOT stress that enough. I sooo regret it when I'm going somewhere where there are a lot of photo opportunities, only to find that I have barely any battery with which to take the picture!!
    But anyway, enough of my rambling. =) Great post, Hannah!

    1. Thank you, Ariel!!! And those are awesome tips you have. =) I totally understand about charging batteries. That has frustrated me many times as well! :)

      And I'm using your name as a main characters in one of my stories! I hope you don't mind. :) It's such a pretty name!

      Thank you for commenting, Ariel!

    2. No way!!! My name is actually going to be in a story?!! I totally don't mind! That is so cool!!
      And you're welcome! =)

    3. Yes, in one of them! =) I love your name!!! <3

    4. Aw, thanks, Hannah!!

  7. Thanks so much for all of the great photography tips, Hannah!
    Taking pictures is so much fun, so I enjoyed reading this. :)

    1. You're welcome Rebekah! I love taking pictures as well. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this! =) What things do you like to take of??

    2. I like to take pictures of flowers, sunsets, and just pictures of fun family times. :)
      What do you like to take pictures of?

      By the way, I finally did the A Few of My Favorite Things tag. ;) Sorry it took so long. ;)

    3. Cool!! I love to take of those things as well...any nature, landscape, people...anything cool or pretty. ;)

      And that's awesome you did the tag! And don't ever feel pressure. I have tags from many weeks ago that I still haven't done. =)


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