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I am doing something a little different this Saturday. I'm going to do a Tag Bundle. I was tagged for the "It's Show Time Tag" and the "Text Tag" and so I'm going to catch up on all my tags and do them both today! =) Have fun! 

"It's Show Time Tag"

Thank you to Rebecca for tagging me! 

//Answer the questions
//Tag 3 to 5 people

1. Who's your favorite actor's?

I like Kirk Cameron and Steven and Alex Kendrick. =)

2. Who's your favorite actress's?

I'm not honestly sure! :D

3. What's your favorite animated movie?

Maybe Charlotte's Web...

4. Do you like to have a snack while you watch a movie? If so, what's your favorite?

I do enjoy eating and drinking something during a movie. Maybe eating chocolate or ice cream and a root bear float? ;) Lol.

5. What's your favorite genre?

Genre? Maybe...Christian. ;D

6. What's you're favorite TV shows?

Well, we don't actually have a TV, but I love to watch 19 Kids and Counting(or Counting On) and Bringing Up Bates on Youtube. 

7. What's your top favorite movie?

I love "Sound of Music" and any Kendrick brother movie...and "Ring the Bell". :) And I almost forgot "Anne of Green Gables"!!!!!! Also our own home movies, family reunion slideshows, and summer slideshows. =)

8. Are there any movies coming out soon you can't wait to see?

Not that I can think of! There are some books though. :D :D :D

9. What's your favorite sport based movie?

I love "Facing The Giants". It's a great movie!

10. What was the last movie you watched in the theaters?

Well, I've only been to one movie in a theater and that was "The Drop Box". It was an amazing movie! 

I tag...

Just answer the questions above and...have fun!! 

"The Text Tag"

Thank you Anika for tagging me!

//Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them. 
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1. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

Hmmmm...hard question! ;) I like the letters h, t, and i...

2. What are three words that you love?

Radiant, beauty, and love. =)

3. What are three words that you hate?

Math, spinach, tragic. ;P

4. If you could create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe?

1. an object or person who is very pretty

Ok. That doesn't really make sense, but...I don't want to be weird and not make up a word.

5. What are your three favorite punctuation marks?

, ! ~

6. What are your three favorite fonts?

Bromello, Modesty, and Octavia.

Anika's Question: Do you think Christian writers should only write Christian books? 

Yes, for the most part. But I don't think every book has to be Christian, but there must be nothing in it that would dishonor God!

My Question: What is your favorite quote? 

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  1. Great answers, Hannah! :) Those tags are interesting. :P

    1. Thanks, Emily! And yeeeaah...interesting tags. ;)

  2. This was a really fun post Hannah, I loved reading your answers! And thank you so much for tagging me, I had lots of fun doing it :D.

    1. Oh, do you have a blog, Savannah? If you do, I would love to check it out! =)

    2. Thanks Savannah!! And awesome. I'll have to check it out. =)

  3. Thanks for doing the tag, Hannah! I had fun reading your answers to both tags. :)
    I really like the Kendrick brothers movies too! They are all so good. Do you have a favorite movie made by them? "Ring the Bell", "Anne of Green Gables", and the "Sound of Music" are all good too! :)
    I had a little bit of a hard time coming up with an answer to #8 too. ;) I could only think of one, but there are a bunch of books I’m looking forward to also! ;)

    1. You're welcome Rebekah!! Thank you for tagging me. =)

      Yes, the Kendrick brother movies are awesome! I love Flywheel a lot, but the others are really good too. What is your favorite?

      And yes #8 was hard. I have a few books coming out that I'm excited for! Which ones are you excited for??

      Thank you for commenting, Rebekah!! I love your long comments. :)

    2. Yes, the Kendrick brothers make really great movies! :) Oh yes, Flywheel is good. :) My favorite movie by them is Courageous. :D

      I’m really excited for “The Wish” and “The Ebb Tide” by Beverly Lewis to come out. I’m also really looking forward to “Courageous Love” by Susan K. Marlow. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now that I’m really excited about. Although I have to wait quite a while for all of them to come out. ;) Which books are you excited for?

      You’re welcome! Yes, long comments are great! :)

    3. Wow, cool!! I didn't know Beverly Lewis was coming out with new books!

      I'm excited for "When Hope Prevails" by Janette Oke. I can't wait! Also for Ivy Rose's book "The Old River Road". =)

    4. I'm pretty excited that she is! :) "The Wish" won't be out until the beginning of September and "The Ebb Tide" won't be out until the beginning of April. So yeah, a long wait, especially for that last one, but I'm still really excited. :)

      I really want to read the "Return to the Canadian West" series by Janette Oke, but first I want to finish the "Canadian West series". ;)

    5. Oh wow! That is a long time to wait. =) The two that I am excited for come out in July and August so that's exciting!!

      And yes, that would be a good idea to finish the first series! ;) But they actually don't really "connect" if you know what I mean. It is better to read the other ones first, but you wouldn't miss too much if you just read "Return to the Canadian West" first. Anyway, it's exciting with all the new releases!!! =D

  4. I loved reading your answers Hannah! Could I take the top tag/question, it looks so fun!

    1. Thank you, Anna! And totally! I hope you have fun with it. =)


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