Are We Willing To LOVE?

I smiled as another shower of hearts and "I love you's" popped up in my girls group hangout. This was an often occurrence...millions of hearts and "Love you to the moon and back's". It was so fun to be in group of fun loving Christian girls! After I while though I got to thinking how often we throw the word "love" around. We're always saying "Love you" to siblings, friends, family. I have to say we sometimes carelessly throw it around. Now the girls in my group are truly are genuine, but how often are we not? I think we say it often without thinking of what it means. Think about 1 Corinthians. "Love is patient, love is kind..." Now think about what the word "love" really means. When we say it it's pretty much the same as saying-

I'm patient with you.

I'm kind to you.

I don't envy you.

I don't boast about myself with you.

I'm not proud around you. 

I don't dishonor you.

I'm not angry with you.

I don't keep a record of wrongs you've done to me.

Doesn't that challenge you? When I really thought about it I realized that love is a big commitment. It's not a word we should just carelessly throw around. Now, please don't get me wrong. We all make mistakes and we're not going to be perfect. I don't believe it's wrong to say you love someone even if you're not all the things 1 Corinthians 13 says. But that's the standard of love that we should try to live up to. I almost laughed when I thought of how "hypocritical" I sometimes am. Like I'll be angry and impatient with my little brother and the next moment saying "I Love you".

But now lets think of it the other way around...doesn't that mean that we can technically love someone without having a "fuzzy feeling" towards them. Our heart doesn't need to be warmed when we think of them...if we are patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, not proud, not dishonoring, not angry, and we don't keep a record of wrongs they've done...we can love someone who is hard to love. We can love even when it's hard. With a beautiful, amazing, sacrificial love. Just how Jesus loved us.

So I'm going to encourage you to take love seriously. It's a big commitment when we say that we love someone. We're not going to be perfect and we will make mistakes, but let's try to live up to God's standard of love.


  1. A whole other thought that could lead along a bunny trail - I often use "love" when referring to a thing or event. "I love your skirt", "I love Aloe Vera juice", "I love going to town", etc. I did a double take when starting to comment; my first reaction may well have been to write "I love this blog post".

    1. Yes, that is a bit different! The love for an item or thing...:) And haha, that is so funny! =D

  2. What a lovely post, Hannah! I agree totally. It's really hard to live up to God's standard of love (in fact, it's impossible on our own!), but it's so amazing to know that with His help, we can love people like He did.

    1. Thank you, Emily! And YES. You're so right! We certainly cannot live up to God's standard of love on our own, but with His grace and strength we can do our best. =)

      Thank you for commenting, dear!

  3. Beautiful post, Hannah! I loved it *nods*.

    ~ Savannah

  4. *cringes* I've never really thought of it that way...but geesh, I will be now!!

    (btw, I have no idea how I've never followed your blog before!! LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! I am now tho ;))

    1. Yes, the concept came to me a little while back and so I thought I'd write a blog post on it. It really is a hard thing to think about and very hard to live up to! We can only truly love with God's help and grace. =)

      And thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. EEP Hannah this is the most beautimous thing!!
    Yes, yes, yes...love can be HARD. Especially when it's in the little things--just giving yourself up in the moments that most people don't notice. It seems like, for the majority, that's the hardest part of loving. But if love is easy for us, it's not going to shape us, it's not going to refine us, it's not going to conform us into the image of Christ as strongly as it would if we decided to take the narrow road. I feel like lots of people take the 'wide road' in the area of love, going with the crowd and agreeing with their idea of what love is. There are a scarce few who decide to take the narrow road and to love like Jesus did. You're one of those few, and I'm so glad you are putting so much importance on it! It's a really beautiful thing when we lay ourselves down in love. If Jesus loved us enough to lay His life down for us, I bet it makes Him pretty happy when we love others enough to lay our lives down for others.
    Wooaah, that was quite the ramble. Anyway, great post, and keep on posting to God's glory!! =)

    1. Awww, thanks so much, Ariel! You're the sweetest. :) <3

      And wow, wow. You have beautiful thoughts!! YES, totally. If we just followed the world's idea of love we would not be stretched, grown, and changed into the image of Christ. I think the world's definition of love is to love when we feel like it or when a person's nice and friendly, but we don't have to love if they're not nice to us or irritable. But the standard Jesus set was so different like you said! A beautiful, sacrificial love. May we become more like Him each day! And you're so sweet. You are a beautiful example yourself of a girl who loves like Jesus loves! I think your encouragement to bloggers is so amazing and wonderful. :) Love you!

  6. This is such a great post, Hannah! :D I always look forward to seeing your posts. :)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah!! You're so sweet. :)

  7. So encouraging! We should always challenge ourselves to love as Christ does. :)

    Have a great rest of your week!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. I'm so glad you were encouraged, Allie!! And yes, we should always be loving more...it is hard though, isn't it? =)

      Thank you for commenting and have a wonderful week too!


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