An Undivided Heart II

Hello again!

A few months back I wrote a post called An Undivided Heart. It was based off of a very good teaching by Leslie Ludy that had really changed how I viewed life in general. Not too long ago Part II was posted on Youtube and it was also an excellent teaching! So this post is based off of that teaching. :)


This has been such a big topic that I've thought of this past year. Mrs. Ludy brought it up in her teaching as well. She was talking about things that cause us to break that close relationship with Jesus and this was one of them. She said that idolatry is  "seeking satisfaction outside of Him". This is super challenging! What am I running to for my satisfaction? My friends, my family, blogging, reading, emailing, having a perfect schedule(that's often one for me;), events, groups...or Jesus and Him only? Or to think of it another way...if my family, my friends, everybody and everything that I have turned against me or fell apart...would I still be satisfied?

"Idols are anything that takes a higher place in your devotion and affection."

Wow. What am I putting more of my time, devotion, and affection into...my friends? My family? Sports? Groups? Blogging? Reading? Or is Jesus the one that has the most of my devotion, affection, and time. This is super challenging for me.

Mrs. Ludy was also telling a story of how she and (back then) her husband-to-be, Eric, were apart for many months. Their only communication was a weekly phone call and some letters which I'm sure took a long time to get through. She told a story of how once Eric didn't call at their arranged time each week. Leslie was very upset inside and her imagination got away with thoughts of...maybe he found a different girl? I'm probably just not good enough for him. She said that she was wrestling with this one day when God really convicted her "You're clinging too tightly to this relationship." She had to lay that down and surrender that relationship to the Lord. This challenged me as well. Am I clinging tightly to people or things or am a holding them with open hands? Mrs. Ludy said that even if they're good things or God given desires they still must be held with open hands.

"What God gives us is not necessarily ours, but only ours to offer back to Him...there must be many letting go's."
-Elizabeth Elliot 

Another thing Mrs. Ludy brought up is that she said that something is probably an idol in your life when you get mad at someone when they ask you to give it up. This challenged me as well. Is there anything in my life that I'm absolutely not willing to give up? That I get upset when somebody talks to me about giving it up? If there is it is an idol in my life. This is such a challenging thought!


Jesus asks us "Am I enough?". Let us all be able to say "Yes, Lord. You are enough"

I challenge you to consider as I will too "What do I need to lay down?" "Where are there idols in my own life?"


Another topic Mrs. Ludy brought up in her teaching was self-justification. "Being comfortable in our mediocrity". She shared an example in the area of purity. How many times is the question "How far is too far?" asked. I've asked it myself. How far it too far in the area of purity? But Mrs. Ludy said it is really a wrong attitude. It is basically saying "How close can I get to sin without actually sinning?". She said instead we need to ask...

"How far can I go to please You?"

This is very challenging to me. She brought up how many people say "I shouldn't be too extreme in my devotion to Christ...that's legalism!" But she said that legalism is really just relying on our own strength instead of Christs. It's incredibly easy to get legalism and devotion mixed up. I would encourage you to be prayerful in this area.

And then she brought up the topic of justifying actions and thing we do. She said that we can make up a lot of excuses for things we do.

"I know a lot of other Christians who do this"

"Everyone should see and notice my gifts. That's just being a good steward of what God's given me"

And I think she shared some more. For myself it was challenging. Am I making an excuse for something I do/read/watch? Am I really sure everything is honoring God in my life? I think I'll be praying and thinking about this in the coming weeks and I hope you'll join me!


And lastly, Mrs. Ludy challenged us to think about if Jesus is truly first in our lives. We say it all the time, we even sing it...but is it true? She said the way to find out is thinking about where you spend your time and energy. That is where your first love is. Mrs. Ludy said we love to say "Jesus is number 1!", but how many hours do we spend doing things that draw us closer to Him? That will tell us truly if our actions line up with our words. And as this final "normal" post closes for this blog may I encourage you to truly make Jesus 1st in your life? In where you put your time, your energy, your thoughts, your actions, your words. May it all speak of a burning desire to make Jesus 1st in more and more areas of your life. Let this be the one desire, passion, and purpose that we live for.



One quick  note: I'm going to be posting my final special post next Thursday instead of Wednesday for a special reason...see if you can guess ;)


  1. Wow... there's SO much to think about in this post, Hannah! Thank you for posting such challenging and thought-provoking posts. I'll definitely need to ponder this for a while... *sigh* That point about what would make you mad to give up being an idol was very interesting- I'd never thought about it that way before! The part talking about self-justification was really good too... it all was! <33
    What a fantastic way to end your "normal" posts (although that's rather bittersweet.. *sniff*)

    I'm pretty sure I know what the special reason is, and it will be really fun! I'm looking forward to that post. :D

    1. Aww, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Emily!! You're most welcome. This is something I'm going to be thinking about more too...*sighs with you*

      Aww, thanks! And yes...*sniff, sniff* One week from today is my last post...so bittersweet!!

      And yes! I'm so looking forward to it! :)

  2. Hi Hannah!

    I just found your blog. It's so sweet and I love your header! Does this mean you'll not be blogging here anymore (that would be a shame!) or just less frequently? I'd love to read more from you sometime!



    1. Hello Stephanie!

      Yes, unfortunately I have decided to stop blogging. I'm so happy that you found my blog though and feel free to look through the archives!

      You're so sweet! ♥ Thank you for checking out my blog!


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