What Should Church Look Like? A Discussion Post

Church. What comes to mind? Tall spires? Stained class windows? Pews?

What should Church really look like? Should it be all about the building? The programs? The groups?

Biblically, what should church look like? What did it look like back in the New Testament?

I want your thoughts. I want the comment section to be full of your thoughts and opinions, maybe examples of your church, and scripture. Definitely. :)

And if you'd like to listen to this great 15 min teaching by Francis Chan on what church should look like you can do that here:

Basic Fellowship by Francis Chan

I hope we are all encouraged and inspired in this discussion!


  1. What a great topic for a discussion post, Hannah!

    One thought that came to me first was that a lot of people have forgotten what the church really is. It's not a building or a place- it's the people who are the church! Of course, it's fine to have a nice place to meet, but we should try to be more focused on the people of the church instead of the location of the church!
    What do you think?

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Emily!

      I really agree. It's easy to think of a church as a building, but it truly is the people. Also we can think of the church as just "our" church, but it really is all Christians from tons of denominations with all different backgrounds. That is the Church.

      How should it look like? I think how they did in Acts is something like what we should follow. I think church should not be a place to just learn, but a place to live it out. It should be more than Sunday morning service, but a continual community of believers praying, encouraging, and living out the Bible together in day to day life. I love what they say in Acts about how they had "everything in common...and shared all they had". I think there should be so much unity in a church and we should give freely. What other things do you think?

    2. Yes, I totally agree! The church isn't just "our church", it's all Christians everywhere.

      The example in Acts is definitely an amazing one. You pretty much said it perfectly- the church should be a place of encouragement, unity, and support where we live out what we learn, and not just on Sundays! I also think that the church should be a "safe place" where people can get advice, encouragement, and help from other believers (especially older and wiser ones), but not condemnation or judgement. Yes, we should advise others when they're going the wrong way, but we should do it in love, not in hate!It's so sad to hear people say that they feel like "everyone at church is judging me, and I hate it!" I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work at all.
      What do you think about that?

    3. Yes, I totally agree Emily! It should be a "safe" place where we're not judged, but our encouraged to do what is right. Exactly! It is very true that it's really easy for the church to feel like a place where all our mistakes are pointed out and judged. But I think it should be an encouraging time and challenging. Not just one or the other. We need to be encouraged, but also challenged lovingly in areas where we need to work on and then challenge others too! I totally agree.

      Thank you for commenting in, Ariel! Yes, I agree with you. We need to love the church and not avoid it or put it down. And that is so funny because I'm reading the Purpose Driven Life too!! Where are you at in it? I'm on chapter 27 I think...something like that. :) I'm reading it for school. =)
      And yes, I agree! Jesus says..."faith without works is dead". So I don't think the church should just be a place that teaches things and hopes people go and do them, but lives it out themselves.

      What things have you found in digging into God's Word, Ariel?

  2. Wow, what great thoughts, girls! I'm really excited to be a part of this discussion. I'm gonna dig into the Word later and see what I can draw out, but here is what I have to offer for now:
    I believe that the church needs to be exactly what the Bible says...the bride of Christ. And so this means that not only do we all need to focus our greatest love on our Bridegroom, but that also means that we need to love each other as parts of one body. As Rick Warren put it in 'The Purpose-Driven Life', "I don't think we would tell Jesus, "I love you, but I don't love your wife." This kind of sacrificial love God desires for the church to have is hard stuff, lemme tell you. BUT it's not all about me and what I want for myself, it's about what Jesus has done for me and how I can show that to others.
    And I do love, Hannah, that you talked about trying to model the church in Acts! They weren't just a 'listening' church, they were an 'acting' church. I think that is one of the most important things for the church to be; we need to stop just listening, and start acting on what we hear...because only then can we change the world.

  3. Oh yes! I have seen that video. In fact, as soon as I read your discussion prompt, I thought about it. It was the beginning of a deepened understanding of the Church for me.

    I think that fellowship is so much deeper than I thought it to be. It's such a strong bond between believers based on our common standing in Jesus. It's genuine and sincere affection. It's sacred love. It's something that transcends human efforts and it's the means by which non-believers may know that Jesus has the power to totally transform and that Christianity isn't a mere human movement. It's supernatural.

    1. Oh, that is wonderful that you've seen it too!

      Wow, you sum it up perfectly! It truly is a strong bond. A genuine and sincere affection. More than just a human movement. Yes!!


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